A Monthly Progress Report.

SNo Month Avg. OPD Attendance Per Day Num of IPD Patient Total Number of Surgeries Performed during the Month Major Surgery, if any Performed, with brief details. Any other Achievement which needs to be highlighted.
4 MAR 2017 608 608 Major- 205,
Minor- 119,
Emergency- 10
Department of ENT-
 - Total Laryngectomy.
 - WLE+ Rt Orbital Exentiration.
 - Rt Radical Neck Dissection.
 - WLE segmental mandibulectomy + Lt. Neck Dissection.

Department of Orthopedics-
 - THR.
 - Dissectomy L4-5 with Rt. Pedicular screw spinal fixation.
 - L4-5-S1 Transfemoral lumber interbody fusion (TLIF)/ posterior Lunber interbody fusion (PLIF).

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3 FEB 2017 768  17 Major- 157,
Minor- 102,
Emergency- 04
Department of ENT-
 - Hemiglossectomy with Modified neck dissection.
 - Parotidectomy.

Department of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery.-
 - Decortication

Department of Orthopedics-
 - Total Knee Replacement
 - Total Hip Replacement

Department of Trauma and Emergency-
 - Lobectomy

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2 JAN 2017 704 17 Major- 202,
Minor- 94,
Emergency- 08
Department of ENT-
 - Lt. Hemiglossectomy.
 - Lt. Modified Radical Neck dissection.

Department of General Surgery-
 - Rt. Modified Radical Mastectomy.
 - Rt. Nephrectomy.

Department of Denatal Surgery-
 - Wide excision with segmental mandibulectomy with reconstruction with vascularised free fibula graft.

Department of Orthopedics-
 - Closed Reduction and internal fixation with dynamic hip screw.

Department of Trauma and Emergency-
 - Lower lobectomy right.

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1 DEC 2016 764  531 Major- 195,
Minor- 93
Department of ENT-
 - Rt. Cochlear Implants (2 Cases)
 - Rt. Superficial Parotidectomy.
 - Carcinoma Tongue.

Department of General Surgery-
 - Rt. MRM
 - Gastro- jejunostomy.

Department of Obs. & Gynecology-
 - Radical Hysterectomy

Department of CTVS-
 - Rt. Decortication.

Cochlear Implants (2 Cases )
This is a Major achievement of this hospital. This will benifit many patients of this region with congenital and acquired sensori - neural hearing loss.

Award given to AIIMS, Raipur Library from ERMED.
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