AIIMS Raipur shall provide a robust infrastructure and conducive atmosphere to facilitate cutting edge research.

The institution will have its own PhD courses. Intramural seed grants would be given to faculty on competitive basis. Senior faculty members would be in charge of these activities. MD/ MS students will have mandatory hands on training in research methodology. Faculty research presentations will be held once a month by rotation. Extra-mural research grants will be solicited and cross country research will be promoted. All randomized drug trials must be registered, cleared through an extremely responsible ethics committee and institutional review board (IRB). All research protocols unless indicated should be available on our website. Animal research should be restricted to laboratory bred animals as far as possible. A Department of Biostatistics, Clinical Epidemiology & Clinical Research Secretariat will be established to facilitate all round research in all the departments. This department will pro-actively help the faculty and researchers to design research projects, research proformas, data analyses, maturation of research hypotheses, assistance in clinical and field trials and collaborations.

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